LessonsUp is Better Tech Hiring

We help companies and job-seekers match and meet.

We are the warm referral.

Happy Job-Seekers

For Job-Seekers

A staggering 80% of jobs are filled via personal or professional connections. Without a big network, job seeking is hard. LessonsUp helps you show off how you work and what you've achieved, so we can refer you to open roles you'll love.

For Hiring Managers

Hiring is easier when candidates come from trusted referrals We take time to understand your hiring needs and our candidate's strengths. That's how we make matches that feel like trusted referrals.

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The LessonsUp Difference

Top Matching

We take time to understand what makes our hiring partners and our candidates unique, so we can make great matches.

Warm Referrals

We facilitate warm referrals and better connections over hiring events and interviews.


More than a platform, we're building a career community ecosystem that makes hiring more human.