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Nearly 9% of our candidates get promoted within one year.

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Our algorithm plus our hand-vetting means you'll waste less time in top of funnel sourcing.

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Our candidates receive pre-interview & post-hire support for a seamless transition.

Partner FAQ

Your jobs are promoted among a community of vetted, ambitious, and interested tech job seekers. Our candidates are 4x more likely to remain at your company after year one. Choosing from our pivoting candidates means you’ll find skilled talent who are excited about tech market rates. They have the skills but not the FAANG background that comes with high salary expectations. 9% of talent in our community are promoted within 8 months of getting hired.

You can review top performers in our community as soon as you post your job by checking your dashboard. Book a chat with our team to get our help connecting with interested candidates. You’ll find out how many candidates would be a good match for your job within 24-hours. Our Talent Partners make their first hire within 6 weeks of signing up.

Find all of your matches in one place by logging into your dashboard. When you become a partner, we’ll start manually reviewing candidates to send to you in Slack, over email, and in your dashboard to accept or reject for interviews.

We specialize in Product, Marketing, Growth, Customer Success, QA, and Talent Operations roles, and we have growing coverage of all other major roles at tech companies. We’re still growing! Our talent ranges from entry to mid to director-level roles. We also have some pivoting talent who are professionally experienced but newer to tech-specific roles.

Currently, we serve a majority of US-based companies and have a majority US-based candidate pool.

It's free to post your first jobs to our job board for candidates to find out about your open roles and your company. You’ll also see how many of our vetted candidates would be high-quality matches for your role.
If you want to proceed with contacting these top candidates, see our pricing page for our highly competitive monthly rates.

We cut your sourcing time to zero and send you candidates we've met with and vetted for your roles. We vouch for these candidates and would personally interview them! Not only do we see them interacting in our community, but we review their profiles before sending them to your match inbox. We meet virtually with any candidates you are interested in interviewing.

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