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Save sourcing time and effort by discovering U.S.-based, remote candidates with a 4.4 X higher retention rate than the industry average. Partner with us to get vetted matches you'll want to interview!

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Building Your Team With LessonsUp

Whether you're starting up or scaling up, we connect hiring leaders with better candidates at a better price.

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Improve Your Pipeline

Discover up to 100 qualified and interested candidates for every role you post, nearly ten times more than traditional job boards.

Pre-Vetted Interviews

We vet and vouch for everyone you interview, so you'll never waste your time or get ghosted. We connect you with candidates who have the skills you want and who are genuinely interested.

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We Help You:

Improve Retention

Within one year, 97% of our talent remains happily employed and nearly 9% have been promoted. How? The candidates you hire from our community receive continued LessonsUp support in our Career Accelerator.

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Save Money

Compensation is the top blocker when sourcing from competitive tech backgrounds. We find candidates with the hard and soft skills you need, but without the competitive, expensive tech branding you don't.

Have Better Interviews

We handle the matching and checking, so you can minimize top-of-funnel stress and connect to more candidates you actually want to interview.

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Here's Why You Can Count On Us

Our algorithm and matching touchpoints are based on a combined 20+ years of tech startup hiring plus NASA engineering.

If you have questions or concerns, our team is all over it like Arial font on a resume. We care and we respond quickly.

More than a database, we are a Talent Team that is obsessed with finding candidates you'll love to interview.

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How a LessonsUp Partnership Works

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Tell us Who You Want

Drop links to your open jobs so our algorithm and Talent Team can get to work sorting for the unique hard and soft skills you want for your roles.

Review Matches in Slack, Email, or App

Accept or decline matches in Slack, in your dashboard, or over email. Visit your dashboard anytime to review your matches and check out more options from our wider community candidate pool.

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Better Matches Every Month

With each role-candidate matching round, we get wiser about what you want so we deliver more ideal candidates over time.

Discover the LessonsUp Candidate Difference

Take the stress out of sourcing better talent at a better price.