Make Your Resume Stand Out

The 5 Second Resume Test

A recruiter glances at your resume for a few seconds to decide whether to move you forward in consideration for the job. So the resume's main function is to pass that test. Find out if your resume passes the recruiter glance test by playing our Resume Review Game.

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If a recruiter can glance at your resume and easily answer these 3 questions about the job, you're GOLD!

What job title would I hire this candidate for?

What evidence shows me they would be great at this job?

What makes this candidate stand out from the rest?

"I spent $900 on resume services and got no results. I updated my resume using the 5-second test and started landing interviews immediately"

V. J.
Job Search Boot Camp Alumni


What role would I hire you for?

Put the Job Title a company should hire you for at the top of your resume in BIG TEXT right under your name. It’s okay to change the job title each time you send out your resume to align with the job title most appropriate at the company you’re applying to The job title does not need to reflect your current job title, or other titles you have held. It should reflect the job you are looking for, and the job you are qualified for based on your achievements and skills

Why would I trust you in this role?

Include at least 3 bullet points under each job title on your resume Each bullet point should state a Key Result you’ve achieved, or other big deliverable or outcome Bullet points should not include busy work, or the work that you did to achieve results

How do you differ from the other 10 candidates?

This could be your specific skills, education, job titles that are unique in your job function area -- For example, you’re a product manager that came up through “sales and marketing” “engineering” “customer support” etc This could be your unique approach to work: explain this in the executive summary at the top of your resume or your passions, your vision, etc

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